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Jefferson City Capitol Bureau- Gray TV

As a summer intern at the Jefferson City Capitol Bureau of Gray TV, I wrote web stories on policies passed by the state government while prepping a comprehensive document on all candidates running for office. My work was distributed to and published by five news stations- KY3 (Springfield), KCTV (Kansas City), WGEM (Quincy), KMOV (St. Louis), KFVS12 (Cape Girardeau) 

Here are some of the stories written by me:


MU provides resources that can be helpful to freshmen navigating employment and income.
The Student Success Center and Office for Financial Success are two departments that offer holistic advising on career, education and finances.

Managing finances is an important aspect of life and yet it’s not something that you get to learn in school. You learn how a plant produces oxygen from adenosine triphosphate, but you don’t get to learn how to handle the money that you possess. 

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Image by Metin Ozer
Military Humvee

 A law that would allow Texas law enforcement to arrest migrants suspected of illegally entering the U.S. is back on hold.

As Russia launched its war in Ukraine, the lives of millions of Ukrainians were irreversibly changed. Like the Dmytryks, they mark their lives in two periods: before and after Feb. 24, 2022

Image by NASA
Dollar Notes

NASA's final tally shows spacecraft returned double the amount of asteroid rubble

 Officials reported Thursday that the Osiris-Rex spacecraft collected 121.6 grams of dust and pebbles from asteroid Bennu. That’s just over half a cup and the biggest cosmic haul ever from beyond the moon.

Biden’s student loan boast: The Supreme Court ‘didn’t stop me’

Biden wrote off another $1.2 billion in student-loan debt, bringing the total amount he has canceled to some $138 billion. That’s not as much as the $400 billion debt cancellation a 6-3 Supreme Court majority struck down last summer, but it’s still a handout to 3.9 million borrowers.

Image by Planet Volumes

Astronomers have found the best evidence yet of a vast, young ocean beneath the icy exterior of Saturn’s Death Star lookalike mini-moon.

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Portfolio of Film Production

The following is a collection of my latest and most meaningful film writing as well as editing projects. Each piece is unique in style and content and represents a distinct moment in my career. I hope you enjoy my work and I invite you to contact me with any questions.

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A project meant for cinematography class is a short story about a girl who experiences abnormal circumstances in the middle of the night as she wakes up to the ringing fire alarm.

A bi-weekly podcast series produced by me for the University of Missouri's Extension, Business and Community. This podcast features business and community developers from all across the state of Missouri and gives them the resources they have access to as Missourians. 

As a producer and marketing ambassador for MU Extension, my responsibilities include editing each episode, pre-recording and post-recording planning, and marketing management throughout the state.

This podcast is available on Spotify and Amazon Music.

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